Videolean or how a start-up should hustle

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Videolean or how a start-up should hustle

I’ve know the guys behind Videolean for a while now. I’ve seen them expand beyond an island, all the way to London and beyond. Their latest move was to launch, a DIY startup video editor for start-ups. They’ve been pitching it to me for months, but I never had the time to check it out (Shame on me!). But then they did something that truly shows how cool these guys are and how, great start-ups, think. They made a promo clip for my Organizational Storytelling book using their platform (Eating their own dog food!):

This made me get into the platform and play with it. I edited the clip they gave me and released it. They got what they wanted, which was to get me to try it, plus they did it in such a cool way that I’m writing about them now. All in all, brilliant move guys, great platform, I’ve been promoting it already, and keep it coming!

This is a good lesson for many early stage start-ups, hustle hustle and hustle. Things get done because you don’t complain about it not working and find alternative ways. Stop bitching and start creating!

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