Organizational Storytelling by Alex Barrera

This page will hold all the information regarding my first and only book. The book will cover the field of Organizational Storytelling, a field I’m most passionate about. I will updated with periodic information, including the stage at which I am with the book.

I intend to crowdfund the book. I would love to involve the future readers as much as possible, so I’m starting a newsletter to keep everyone updated and to get your feedback and involvement on the book. I will share the index so you guys can tell me what do you want to see in the book, as well as suggestions for new chapters, stories from the readers that will be featured as examples or which cover design you like the most.

I hope everyone enjoys the process and we can publish it before the year ends for everyone to enjoy! Thanks a lot for your support and don’t forget to subscribe to the Newsletter if you want to get involved in all the action.

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Everyone has been hearing about storytelling in recent years. Stories are a fundamental aspect of human communication. While everyone is capable of enjoying them, it’s a very different thing to be capable of writing and telling a compelling one. This book talks just about that. How do you write great stories in the Social Media era, but most importantly, when and for what reasons.

Most people think about stories when it comes to advertising, but stories can be used inside organizations to achieve many goals. From the most obvious one, branding, to the least known like change management, recruiting, crowdfunding or corporate culture communication. The book will walk you through all the different areas where you can employ stories and what structure those stories have. The aim is to inspire others to use more stories and less boring Powerpoints while maximizing the communication between the people that work in the organization.

Book status

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