Do you want to change your company’s corporate culture? Learn how now!

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Do you want to change your company’s corporate culture? Learn how now!

Hello, everyone! We’re very happy to announce that we’re partnering with our good friends from Improvement21 to deliver a new workshop on CultureHack in London!

What is this CultureHack thing? Well, we will be focusing on Change Management, Culture improvement and Storytelling in a business context. So, essentially, how do you change your company’s culture? Some of the goals:

  • To inspire participants to believe, they can influence and change their corporate culture.
  • To learn useful tools to understand, imagine and improve their company culture, at least on the level of their immediate environment.
  • To help them understand how stories are key to do this and to gain practical skills in storytelling

We’ve talked about this before, stories aren’t just for the top brass, but for everyone in the company. A big part of culture change happens when people start believing things are possible. Stories have the power to inspire us and make us believe!

Join us for this two-day workshop in London in December (10th-11th 2015):

Course dates: December 10th 2015 Thursday and December 11th 2015, Friday

Venue: To be determined (central London)

Facilitators: Andrea Darabos and Angel Medinilla – Improvement21 Trainers, Founders and Alejandro Barrera – master storyteller, Chief WOWness Officer at

Target audience: Change management experts, program leaders, HR managers, coaches and mentors, people who would like to improve their company culture or learn more about change management through storytelling and continuous improvement.

You can check more information on the Improvement21 site here.

Image credits: Nikos Koutoulas / Flickr

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