The third edition of 42 Beers is around the corner

You think it's good?

The third edition of 42 Beers is around the corner

We are happy to announce our third edition of our 42 Beers event! We’re quite surprised by the traction the event is gathering and how much feedback both, startups and audience is receiving.

For those that are reading about the event for the first time, it’s essentially an open event that features 2 startup 5 minutes pitch. The main difference is that we focus on the communication side of the pitch. Are the slides good? Do they deliver a clear message? Is it sexy? Did the audience understand what we are trying to do?

The audience is an active member of the event and as such will give feedback on the quality and problems of each presentation. To make things more exciting, we also do our own versions of the startup pitches but from a different angle. That way the audience has two different perspective on the same idea and can take the best and the worst from both presentations.

This edition we count we a very early stage company called Qrystal, Tetuan Valley alumni and with a slightly more mature startup that recently raised 600k€, our friends from Ducksboard. This way we ensure even more differences in the pitching styles.

Come and join us this Wednesday 23rd of May 7pm at Edificio Mississippi, c/Santísima Trinidad nº5. 4th Floor. Get your ticket now as we have limited seats! After the event, and as the event name suggests, we’ll go for some free beers courtesy of our incredible sponsor and friend Proyectalis, our partner in crime when it comes to agile and software development training.

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