42 Beers comes for more

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42 Beers comes for more

Hey all!

We’re already finalizing the preparations for the next 42 Beers event in Madrid! Last time was a blast, but we believe we can do it much better. For that, we’re proud to announce we’re partnering with Proyectalis, who is going to be the main sponsor for the event. That is, they’re the ones paying for the beers!!

Just as a disclosure, I’ve been collaborating with Proyectalis during the past year giving training on Agile software development, Scrum, Corporate culture or Agile coaching. At its head, Angel Medinilla, a good friend, but uber all, a fantastic professional. He’s, by a big margin, one of the persons that knows more about Agile and Lean in our country and outside it too. He’s been helping all kind of companies, ranging from Fortune 500 to startups, deal with their software development projects. Currently he’s about to release a book on Agile Management and each day that passes he’s more and more involved with the startup community. So big thanks to him and his company! I love to have him as sponsor, because he has always been telling me how badly startups communicate. So it feels very right to have them on board, helping startups get better at it by means of sponsorship. So big welcome to our family!

For this edition, we’ll have a couple of invited startups. The first one is a very early stage startup called DeMulu. Spearheaded by its CEO Alex Mason, they try to connect global partner with local markets for expansion. The second invited startup will be DoctorDoctor, a fantastic project in the e-health space, and one that is currently kicking asses! Thanks to the team for accepting the challenge! Are you guys ready to fight? 😛

So if you’re up for the challenge, make sure you signup for the early bird tickets, as we’ve decided to add a regular ticket with a symbolic price for the late comers. Also, startups, investors and attendees, please do check out last edition’s tips and lessons so you don’t commit the same mistakes.

And see you all there!!

Photo: Paul Papadimitriou

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