Bringing the communication, PR and storytelling to Madrid

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Bringing the communication, PR and storytelling to Madrid

We want to announce that finally, we’re brining our workshop on storytelling to Madrid on June 6th (9am – 2pm). It’s quite a popular workshop for many startups as we aid them when dealing with tech bloggers, media and we work with them on the crafting of their startup story.


The use of stories has been proven to be way more effective than press releases or any boring presentation or pitch startups regularly perform. The problem is, even though most startups know that they should write or show a story, very few of them actually know how to write one. What are the parts of a story? What elements does it has? How can you create galvanizing plots?

Well, that and more is what the workshop is about. After hitting San Francisco and London, we bring it to our hometown to try and train some bad ass startups in this art.

Feel free to register here for the workshop (6th June 9am – 2pm) before we run out of tickets, which is, sadly, the usual, as we only offer limited seats. Do you want to make a difference? Come to the workshop and you wont regret it!

“top notch PR and guerrilla communication workshop, highly advised for anyone looking to up their ability to get noticed!”

“Hella Rad Workshop for storytellers! Highly recommended!”

“Great crash course in getting your brand story out there in a manner that will make people sit up and notice you.”

“Workshop had immediate impact – my press release was much better because of the workshop.”

“Alex’s workshop will help liberate you from  conventional (boring) PR approaches! Practical + Useful. Great for techies.”

“Invaluable insight into the life of the blogger/journalist – and how to help them help us! Engaging and perfectly pitched.”

“Awesome workshop – highly actionable. We realised what PR fails we made so far and will surely get better coverage for our next release.”

“Thanks for an awesome workshop, the tech community is now a much less scarier place for launching a start-up! watch out, we’re coming”

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