The Startup Digest Effect

You think it's good?

We recently came back from the Bay Area, California. We had the luck of being able to teach our Communication, PR and Storytelling workshop there. It’s been an incredible experience. Being used to the European ecosystem, it was a huge challenge for us to promote the workshop in San Francisco and pack it. I want to personally thanks everyone that made it happen, props to the guys at the Spain Tech Center, Rocket Space crew, all my friends that pushed and shared the workshop announcement with their contacts and specially my buddies at Startup Digest Silicon Valley. We can safely talk about the Startup Digest effect now or more of the verb, being Startup Digested! Thanks to them we reached a massive audience, 48h before the workshop and it totally made our day.

I also want to thank everyone that came to the workshop which I hope they enjoyed as much as I did! I got very good feedback and as always, very good constructive criticism on how to make it better! We hope the next one will be even better! I leave you with some of the comments we got:

“top notch PR and guerrilla communication workshop, highly advised for anyone looking to up their ability to get noticed!”

“Hella Rad Workshop for storytellers! Highly recommended!”

“Great crash course in getting your brand story out there in a manner that will make people sit up and notice you.”

“Workshop had immediate impact – my press release was much better because of the workshop.”

We did a small update on the slides, so here they are:

Last but not least, we’ve created two mailing lists, one for San Francisco and a global one to talk about these kind of topics, so feel free to request access if you’re interested on these topics.

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