Example: Organizational storytelling at Frankfurt Airport

You think it's good?

I travel quite a bit and the worst part of any trip is the process of going to the airport. Most specifically, your trip through Security. Out of all the bad airports you can go through, Frankfurt is notorious for being one of the worst. The funny thing about the human brain is that it keeps trying to make you forget the bad experiences, but boy, I was there last week and I remembered why it’s always a painful experience going through Frankfurt.

That said, and ironically, I saw one of the best examples of organizational storytelling last week at the airport. It’s a video that tells a romance story between two passengers that meet while going through security. Brilliant storytelling with only the image as a support that walks you through all the security guidelines and follows up into what can you do in the airport after clearing security. I have to confess I was really entertain by it while waiting to go through security and it made waiting on a huge queue, operated by inept security officials, painless. So for all the bashing we give the Frankfurt Airport, this move was actually genius so kudos guys, best video about an airport I’ve seen. Well done and keep it up!

This post and other examples are the reason why I’m writing a book on the topic. If you’re interested in collaborating or showcasing your own stories in the book, follow the newsletter and become a supporter


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