Examples: Organizational storytelling in IBM

You think it's good?

Sometimes it’s easier to showcase an example of a great use of organizational storytelling. This IBM movie is one of them. Actually, it’s one of the best I’ve seen so far. It’s plainly brilliant, astounding and brings focus to what it’s important.

The IBM campaign is formed by two clips, one called “A boy and his atom” and then a second part which is the making of. The first one is mind blowing but the making of is just beautiful. To watch the atomic scientists giggle and have so much fun with their research is just mind blowing. I think the most important part is how the movie is aimed to show that science can be fun. I think the message is not only true, but beautiful and I have to give kudos to Mr. Lutz’s team and everyone involved in the campaign. three million hits attest to the power of using stories to showcase what scientists are doing.



This video and other examples are the reason why I’m writing a book on the topic. If you’re interested in collaborating or showcasing your own stories in the book, follow the newsletter and become a supporter


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  • Amir

    how can we download and see this movie.
    please advise
    thanks a lot for your great idea about storytelling
    please send email if it’s possible
    [email protected]

  • abarrera

    Hi Amir, thanks for leaving a comment. To be able to download it you need to use a specific program to do it. For example in Mac you can use something like MacTubes. Hope it helps. Remember to give credit and ask for the rights of the video :)