Save money (LOTS) with Startup Pack

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Save money (LOTS) with Startup Pack

Yeah you heard this, Startup Pack is offering 1000 free packs that gives you access to all the providers your startup needs to operate. I’ve seen this idea before, both with AppSumo (Good advice on the deal business by the way) and f6s deals page, but hey, never before it was so cost effective to start an online business! Check out the deals they have at Startup Pack:

  • Zendesk: to manage customer support – 12 months for free
  • Box: to share files online – 12 months for free for 3 users
  • Mailjet: to send transactional emails – 12 months for free
  • TextMaster: to translate all your documents – 10,000 credits for free
  • Twilio: to bring voice and messaging to your web – $134 for free
  • Engine Yard: to host your website – $500 for free
  • Mixpanel: to analyze your website – 12 months for free
  • Mention: to monitor your brand – 12 months for free for 3 users
  • Pressking: to distribute your press release – 1,000 credits for free
  • HotGloo: to collaborate on design – 12 months for free
  • Fotolia: to get beautiful pictures – 60 images XL for free
  • The Resumator: to hire with confidence – 12 months for free

It would be cool to add one there for idea validation tools so that we start getting more quality and unique startups 😛 Maybe the Startup Pack guys should talk with Rob from StartupToolkit? 😉

Either way, there you go, free treat of the week! 😀 Thanks Matt!

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