Lesson number one: put your contact details online

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Lesson number one: put your contact details online

Hi everyone, so I’m here at LeWeb covering all startup related things. So, the first thing I did was to go and talk to the Startup Competition finalists. As I don’t have their emails I went through their websites and started either contacting them through their contact form (if they had it) or their twitter account. Problem is, some of the startups don’t have contact information. You can either register with them but there is no way to get hold of them.

This comes back to one of the things I talked about on my ennovation 11 conference talk, on the 10 steps to PR epiphany. Step 2 was, create a contact point for the media to get hold of you. While this is like the basic step, I’m baffled with how few startups actually do this. This is specially important if you’re part of such a high profile event as LeWeb!

Hopefully I’ll be able to talk to all the startups and get them to fix it asap 😉 Next stop, Startup Competition at LeWeb!

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