Bitspiration crowdfunding the start-up prize

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Bitspiration crowdfunding the start-up prize

Some of you know that I have a very good relationship with Poland. Last year a bunch of friends got together and launched a new conference there called Bitspiration. We brought amazing speakers and we essentially designed the conference from speakers to speakers. It was a very homey setting and we ended up giving talks in three bars simultaneously. Hilarious moments ensured.

This year we’re coming back for more. Among the locations the team is scouting there is an old tram garage with real trams in it. How cool is that?! But for me, the most impressive twist this year is that the start-up competition’s grand prize of $10.000 is being raised through a crowdfunding effort. I think it’s a beautiful way to run a start-up competition. If there is one place where you can feel that the start-up ecosystem is a great community that’s Poland. I feel honored to be part of such community and watching the Indigogo video of the campaign really brings tears of joy to see all my friends appearing there to make such campaign a reality.

Help us raise those $10.000 and even more if you want the winner to really have real money and generate impact. Even a small donation will make a difference! Also, check this year’s lineup and do join us as it’s by far, the best conference I attend every year. Let the magic begin!!

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