Nail your startup pitch at 42 Beers

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Nail your startup pitch at 42 Beers

One more time, and before we head into the new year, we, that is, the Press42 team, are getting ready for the next edition of the 42 Beers event, our own training camp for your start-up pitch. Plenty of events focus on start-up pitching, but in essence, most of them deal with money raising presentations. We believe that base is already covered, and that’s is why we focus on the actual information delivery.

42 Beers startup pitch

How do we do it? We feature two start-ups on the stage. Each of them will pitch us their company in five minutes. After the pitch, the audience will give their feedback on the pitch. We’re extremely focused on the delivery, so all the comments will be related to that. Does the message gets through? Is the audience missing something? Was it confusing? etc. After the feedback we’ll do our own version of the pitch. The idea is to deliver a different angle for the same project so the audience has a different perspective and can also give feedback on that too.

This time we have two good friends running for the championship. On one side we’ll be featuring the team. Great friends, former NetDay crew and extremely happy after raising 400k just weeks ago! On the other corner of the ring we’ll see the Tyba team. A strartup with several pivots, run by serial entrepreneur Eiso Kant and his team, they’re willing to give Floqq a run for his money. Who will win? 😉

All in all, it’s a fun event that we’ll finish with some beers in a nearby bar. If you really want to learn the trade and practice your startup pitch, come and have fun with us this Thursday Dec 13th 2012 and join a growing community of communication focused entrepreneurs.


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