Bringing the Storytelling workshop close to you

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Bringing the Storytelling workshop close to you

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do this year has been scaling out the storytelling workshop. I’ve been doing it actively during the past year in different countries and different audiences. Everyone loves it but many tell me they would love to attend if it was just the next week or one day before. Truth is, we all live very busy lives, which means, having to be physically present at a specific time and places is becoming very complicated. That’s why I decided to start taking the workshop online. We’re partnering with our friends from The Next Web Academy to do this.

I have to say that we’re very impressed with the work Jorg and his team are doing with TNW Academy site and we are looking forward to do other workshops with them. Now, if you’re interested in attending, the storytelling class is happening on the February 19th, Tuesday, 6pm GMT+1. Check out their site for more info! Be quick, as there is a cap on the course.

Thanks again to The Next Web team for an outstanding job!

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